Bras are Like Shoes 

General Manager Joan believes that you should think about bras, like you think about shoes: supportive, comfortable, fashionable, and practical! 


You need to rotate.

Just like you shouldn't wear one pair of shoes every single day, you shouldn’t only wear one or two bras continually for months on end. At a minimum you should think: one to wear, one to rest, and one to wash. This extends the life of your bras by not wearing out the elastic and over stressing the fabric. Every woman should have between 3-5 bras in their daily rotation for maximum longevity.   

You need a variety.

Look at your shoe collection for bra inspiration. You've got shoes for every occasion, so we recommend having bras for each of these categories too: working out (sneakers and sports bra), special occasion (dancing heels and strapless bra), work day (commuter shoes and your everyday t-shirt bra), hanging out at home (slippers and Bra:30), seasonal (flip flops and a bright colored, fun bra), and girls night (strappy heels and a lace demi bra).

You need to break them in.

The first few times you wear a pair of shoes, you might experience some tightness or redness from your feet adjusting to the new fit and the shoes stretching to better fit your particular foot shape - the same thing happens with bras. You can sometimes experience a little redness or discomfort around the ribs in the first few wears, but this slight discomfort is usually far overshadowed by reduced back and shoulder pain. 

You need to retire them eventually.

We’ve all experienced the sadness when we realize our favorite pair of shoes past its prime. Eventually, even your best and most frequently worn bras will need to be replaced. As much as we wish they could last forever, they just don’t. A few good signs to look for: even the last hook is too loose, the straps won’t tighten any further, the fabric is deteriorating, and the color has faded. When you start experiencing these issues, it’s probably time for a new bra and even a professional bra fitting.

You need to invest in them. 

Like shoes, it can be hard to find the perfect style and fit on the sale rack. We’ve all been there, and we understand the importance of sticking to a budget. Sometimes the initial investment can be a bit of an adjustment, but through bra rotation and gentle cleaning you can ensure that your bras last for many years of support and comfort. We recommend that all bras be hand washed with a mild detergent and air-dried to preserve their elasticity.