Bra Parties 

Time to call your girlfriends, grab some champagne and book an appointment with Bare Essentials for a fun and different kind of party: a bra party. 

Is it time to get a new bra? Or maybe time to catch up with some of your closest friends? If so, then our bra parties are at your service! 

We offer private bra parties after hours on Wednesday evenings for groups of over seven people! Our parties are free to schedule and all you have to do is bring your friends.

We will have our expert staff readily available to help you and your friends find the perfect bra to add to your wardrobe for 10% off! We know that no party would be complete without food or wine so we encourage you to bring your favorites.


Bra parties are perfect for a ladies night out, mom groups, or even just because! These parties are unique and will add something special to your day. 

Call Bare Essentials at 302-477-488 to book your appointment today! We look forward to hosting your next party.